The Rise of Cacao Farming in the Philippines; Your Guide To Cacao Farming and Chocolate Distributorship

Course Descriptions:

According to Philip “Sonny” Dizon, president of American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines in Mindanao and owner of Dizon Farms, the demand for cacao beans is increasing yearly, not only in the Philippines but even globally.

As an agriculturally rich country, one of our advantages is our natural resources. There is a capability for cacao beans to grow here in good quality. At the moment, over 90% percent of cacao production in the Philippines is being provided from the Davao Region. If the demand for cacao beans increases, then the supply must meet with its requirement.

You could be one of the next top exporter of cacao beans, and this webinar could help you achieved that.

Course Objectives:

  • Initial guide in planting cacao beans
  • Know the DOs and DONTs of cacao farming business
  • Learn the step by step guide in growing your own cacao farming business.
  • Acquire knowledge on how to become your own chocolate distributor

About the Speaker:

Raymond B. Chavez

A young family man, Raymond has thought of providing a stable source of income for the tribes and the communities of Mindoro Philippines.

He started as an employee of their family owned Sustamina Agri-Industrial Corporation and Cavite Feeds Milling Corporation. Which has been firm on being one of the business pillars in the industry since 1993.

In 2004 he started buying corns form the farmers of Mindoro for the supplies of the feed-mill. Knowing that harvesting of corns is seasonal. He thought of putting up a rice mill in the area to work as a supplement and alternative earning opportunity for the farmers. However, both rice and corn are seasonal harvest. This conceived the idea of growing cacao. Cacao trees generates fruits all year around, it is a perfect permanent income-generating activity for the farmers.

Raymond has the passion for poverty-alleviation and sustainable development. His idea of maximizing the use of a rich land and rehabilitate idle lands in the area by planting and growing cacao trees is perfect for mutual benefits can give progressive impact in the community.

Chocoland Farm is currently a competitive player in the global market.

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