The Business of Aquaculture: A Guide to Cultivating Fish Farms

Aquaculture, is the farming of both freshwater, saltwater fishes and other aquatic organisms.
They are mostly cultivated in controlled conditions. In this webinar you will learn different methods, materials needed and the complete process of Aquaculture or Aquafarming.
Course Objectives 
1. Learn how to start aquaculture business.
2. Explore the different methods of Aquafarming.
3. Know the needed starting capital.
4. Obtain scientific feasible studies on Aquafarming.
About the Speaker: 
Mr. Ariel Reputola is a graduate of Science majoring in Fisheries at Central Luzon State University. Ariel studied the cultures and economics of different species of fishes locally and internationally. He conducts market research studies of fish farming. He continuously find ways to improve the develop fish farming practices and methods.

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