Stock Market Masterclass

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He is a Certified Internal Auditor and a graduate at De LaSalle University – Manila with two Bachelor of Science in Applied Economics and in Accountancy. He was a former Economist at BSP, a former Research Analyst at First Metro Securities and a former Auditor at Smart Communications. He is currently an Investment Strategist and Portfolio Consultant at Rhyme and Reason Investment Research and Management and a Consultant at First Metro Securities Brokerage Corporation.

Module 2: Fundamental Analysis: How to find excellent companies for investors

Course Outline:

In Fundamental Analysis, our goal is to check whether the company has what we as investors are looking for to say that it is an excellent company, thus is worthy of our hard-earned money.

For this webinar, we will try to look for excellent companies to invest in by looking for answers to these questions:

  • Is the company’s businesses profitable?
  • Does it give out dividends?
  • Is the company financially stable?
  • Is it managed by people with integrity and capability?
  • Is the stock price cheap or expensive in the valuation sense?
Learning Objectives:
You will learn where to get the data. More importantly, you will learn HOW to make sense out of the numbers so that you would be able to decide if the company meets your criteria for investment.

Module 3: Technical Analysis: How to spot bullish stocks and ride the trend

Course Outline:

In this webinar, our focus will be in knowing whether the market sentiment is bullish (so that we can buy) or bearish (so that we can sell) towards a stock.For this purpose, we will learn:

  • How to read candlestick charts
  • How to spot uptrends and downtrends
  • Where to plot Support and Resistance levels
  • What are Moving Averages (MA) and the trading strategies using MA
  • What is the Relative Strength Index (RSI) and how we can use RSI to determine whether the market is bullish or bearish
Learning Objectives:
We will combine what we will learn from each of the topics to have a solid trading plan that we can execute with confidence.

Module 4: Building your own Trading System

Course Outline:

In this webinar, our goal is to guide you to create a system that both investors and traders can follow to improve the probability of winning in the stock market.

We will talk about:

  • Stock selection process: We will use what we have learned from Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis to identify which companies have excellent businesses and which stocks are bullish


  • Trading signals: Identifying specific events, either fundamentally and technically or even both, that can help you decide objectively whether to buy or sell a stock can dramatically reduce the emotional factor that comes in to trading the market


  • Risk management: We will discuss ways for you to be on top the risks that we face as stock market investors. Those include diversification, position sizing, and setting both cut loss levels and protective stop levels.


  • Portfolio monitoring: We will emphasize the importance of having a way to know, at any given time, what stocks do you have in your portfolio and how well or how bad they are doing, to enable you to do the appropriate portfolio management actions.


  • Trader development: Never stop learning. Learn some before you start trading the market. Learn more from experience by actually trading the market. Journal your journey, learn, improve, and grow!