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Risk Management and Asset Protection

Course Descriptions:
We cannot for see the future and we should be prepared at all times. What if something happened to you? What will happen to your loved ones? Ignoring risk is dangerous. We may think that it is not important, but  Risk management and Asset Protection can help your family in case you die or get into an accident. Start learning now and be informed.
Course Objectives:
• Know why we need Risk Management and Asset Protection
• Learn how the law can protect you
• Explore different risk management tools.
About the Speaker: 
Joseph Brian Noynay, CIS REB REA CSR
Jb Noynay is a former Senior Fund Accountant of JP Morgan Chase Bank. He graduated cum laude in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of the Philippines. He is now a Licensed Financial Advisor, Certified Investments Solicitor, Licensed Real Estate Broker, Insurance agent, Licensed Real Estate Appraiser, Business Consulatant, Math Teacher and Entrepreneur. He is also a co-founder of MoneyWAIS PH and The Elite Association of Mathematicians in QueSci.

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