Passive Income Conference Manila

April 27, 2019
BGC Arts Center

Where we will feature different money making opportunities on how to grow your hard
earned money. As your first step in creating your investment portfolio, we are offering
you different investment opportunities, which can empower you in building a strong and
feasible retirement plan. The conference will be graced by the presence of speakers and
entrepreneurs who are experts in various investment vehicles.

Learn about investing in profitable crowd-funding campaigns, sustainable agri-
investment opportunities, long-term passive income opportunity in foreign exchange,
building a regular source of passive income in the real estate business and let your
money work for you!

7:00AM – 9:00AM Registration
9:00AM – 9:20AM Wealth Creation
JJ Atencio
CEO & Chairman, TGFI

Building wealth is no easy task, especially if you do not know where to start. Learn the right mindset and the proper procedure on creating your wealth.

9:20AM – 10:05AM Do’s and Don’ts in Investing for Dividends
Aaron Say

Pooled funds, or mutual funds, are one of the most recommendable investment platforms, and here, you can learn how to invest, and how to make your pooled fund investment grow for the long term or short term.

10:05AM – 10:50AM

Why Saving can Contribute your Security(SSS & Pag-IBIG)

GS are debt obligations issued and guaranteed by the Philippine Government. Learn more about government securities, its structure, how government works and the people behind it.

10:50AM – 11:25AM Investing in Hospital Stocks
Nelson Millar
Pamana Premier Medical Center

Having stocks mean that you own a part of the company that you have invested in. Learn the basics of investing in hospital stock, and what are the benefits that you get from it.

11:25AM – 12:05PM Maximizing your Profit Through Crowd Lending Investment
Edison Chai
SeedIn Philippines

The emergence of crowdfunding activities in the Philippines in recent years now valued to millions! Learn the things you need to know in crowdfunding through SeedIn Platform.

1:05PM – 1:50PM Passive Income Through Real Estate
Kim Dacanay

As an investment that never depreciates, real estate is one of the most sought-after platforms that a Filipino invests in. Gain new knowledge on how real estate work, and how this can help you strengthen your investment portfolio.

1:50PM – 2:40PM How to Put up a Self Service Laundry Shop
Allan Domingo
Brightlabs Inc.

There are different laundry businesses that one can start in the Philippines. The choice of laundry business will largely depend on how much money you want to invest and the extent of involvement you want in the business.

2:40PM – 3:25PM Crowdfunding in Agri Industry
Archie Beltran

Our Country is rich in natural resources, and we rely mostly on agriculture to get our needs/consumables. Investing in an agribusiness has been a trend nowadays, therefore it is important for you to know how it is done, its perks, and its dangers.

3:25PM – 4:10PM

Franchising Food Business
RJ Ledesma
Co-founder of Mercato Centrale Group

Food Business are some of the most well known income streams that Filipinos pursue, and in his talk, you will learn how to build your food business with the help of franchising.

4:35PM – 5:20PM Keynote: Your Journey as a Master Franchisor and Why Easy Franchise can Help more Filipinos
Jose Magsaysay Jr.
Potato Corner
5:25PM – 6:00PM Closing Remarks/Raffle
Floi Wycoco,
Founder, Vice Chairman, TGFI
-2Days -20Hours -29Minutes -57Seconds