Online Income Secrets

About The Event

Learn how to make only online by attending the Online Income Secrets Online Webinar.
5 modules on different media platforms that you could choose from to get started on your online business.

Get to learn from well experienced experts on how they started and
how the handle their businesses in their respective fields.

Module 1: Email Marketing

Course Outline:
  • Effectively get your subscriber’s attention. Not all your subscribers will open your mail. Learn how to make attention grabbing content to capture the attention of your audience and to start the customer buying process.
  • The power of automated emails for faster messaging. Having a thousand subscribers, it is almost impossible to attend to them one by one. Learn how to use an automated emailing system to further increase customer engagement.
  • Persuasion to fasten up the buying decision of your subscriber. The hard part is trying to convince your subscriber to click that “buy now” button. Learn how to persuade your subscribers to click that button.
  • Making mellow content to sell repeatedly without annoying your subscriber. Overselling can lead to a subscriber walking away from you. Know how to soft sell to avoid driving away your subscribers.
Learning Objectives:
With all these different social media platforms to market a product, service or business; E-mail marketing is still around and is still generating sales. In this module, learn how to make content that would catch your subscriber’s attention and how to persuade them into buying your product or service.

Module 2: Affiliate Marketing

Course Outline:
  • Choosing the right affiliates. Know how to find a reliable affiliate that would help in boosting your sales.
  • Knowing the different types of promotions to give out. Promotions will always catch the eye of people, finding out the right one without sabotaging your sales is the tricky part.
  • Evaluating your competition. Someone already has the same nature of business as yours, find out how to edge your competition.
  • Consistency on releasing promotional materials. People will start to look for more promotions as you give them out.
  • Finding a profitable niche. Just like choosing the right affiliates, finding a profitable niche is a must. Learn how to choose the right niche with a couple of factors to consider.
Learning Objectives:
In this module, get to learn about the factors to consider when entering the affiliate marketing business; how the whole thing works and how to efficiently perform well given the circumstances. Find out how to effectively gain profit by working out with an effective strategy.

Module 3: SEO – SEM (Search Engine Optimization – Search Engine Marketing)

Course Outline:
  • Know what SEO and SEM is and its importance. The first thing to do when entering this business is to properly know how each of these work. Broaden your knowledge on SEO and SEM to start.
  • Keyword Researching and targeting best practices. It goes without saying that everything must be planned for a better execution and for a much better result.
  • Auditing your current site. Know where you currently are to start. Determine the things that you want to improve on and learn how to implement them for a better looking site.
  • Establishing clear realistic goals. Just like any other business, clear and realistic goals must be provided.
Learning Objectives:
Know how Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing work. Find out the impact that it has and how it can be benefit your business. Have some ideas on using the best practices for better execution and to get better results.

Module 4: Social Media Marketing

Course Outline:
  • Knowing your current social presence. Know what your status in social media and assess the areas to improve on.
  • Finding out who your ideal customer is. Not all people on the internet would want to support your product/service. Find out how to find the ones that would potentially boost your sales
  • Identifying Key Success Metrics/Setting goals. Business in the internet always presents a big opportunity, track your progress by making a key performance indicator and make a list of what your goals should be
  • Choosing the right social media platform. With all the Social Media platforms available today. Get to know the pros and cons of each as you choose the right one for you.
  • Sustaining consistency with your target audience. It is important to have your previous buyers coming back for more as you learn to take care of them and learn how to do so.
Learning Objectives:
Social Media Marketing can be complicated. With all the social media platforms out there, it might be a little too overwhelming when pursuing a career out of this. Know the do’s and don’ts of Social Media Marketing and how to sustain your relationship with your target audience.

Module 5: Facebook Marketing

Course Outline:
  • Getting familiar with FB Ads Manager. Boost your reach using Facebook’s Ad Manager and learn how to target specific demographics with this application.
  • Choosing the right content on how to attract your audience. Even without having the skills in graphic designing, learn how to make attention making posts.
  • Having an engaging mindset. People on Facebook would most likely go to someone who keeps them entertained. Learn how to make the proper approach without irritating your target audience.
  • Measuring your results using the comprehensive analytics dashboard. With this dashboard full of graphs and numbers, get to know your performance and from there determine your areas of improvement.
Learning Objectives:
Facebook has 1.8 billion daily users and is arguably one of the biggest social media platforms that is out today and a lot of people use this platform to market their businesses/products. Learn how to use Facebook as a marketing tool and discover the different tools in Facebook to measure your results.

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The following topics are to be discussed during the conference:

  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing

However, these topics are tentative and subject to revisions.

No, we strictly follow the no-refund policy. Although your ticket is transferable.


You will be entitled with the recorded videos where you can watch them anytime of your convenience.

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Early Bird Rate is PHP 1,500, Regular Ticket price is PHP 2,000.00. VIP Ticket Price is PHP 3,000.00. Pair Rate is PHP 3,500. Barkada Rate is PHP 8,500.


Regular package is inclusive of your access to the webinar, e-certificate (upon request) and the recorded version of the videos in case you will be unable to watch the live feed. VIP package is inclusive of your access, , e-certificate (upon request), one year TGFI Membership, and the recorded videos as well.

Our lineup of speakers are Mr. Allan Ngo of Inbox Society and Mr. Nix Eniego of Social Media Academy.


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