Learn the Business of Raising Native Chicken and Native Pigs

Course Description:

Livestock is a very popular business here in the Philippines. Our tropical climate and rich agriculture helps with the success of livestock farms. Native Chickens and Pigs are the most common and profitable.


Course Objectives:

  • Different breeds of native chicken and pigs, which ones are ideal for business and where can they be sourced
  • How to breed native chickens and native pigs
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages versus commercial type breeds.
  • Type of location and minimum setup requirement to enter into this business
  • How much is the start-up capital and what is the average return on investment for this type of business
  • How to prepare 100% organic feeds for your native chicken and native pigs”

About the Speaker:

Rene Santiago

Rene Santiago is a representative of the Bureau of Animal Industry National Swine and Poultry Research and Development Center of the Philippines

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