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Learn the Business of Apartment Rentals

Course Descriptions:

Owning apartments for rent are said to be one of the best business you could venture. Imagine collecting money monthly per door? Learn to earn millions in real estate from a lady who came from the squatters’ area and

who is now into building and selling properties.

Course Objectives:

  • Know the standard capital to start an apartment rental business
  • Study the return on investment in this kind of business
  • Know the permits you need to acquire for this business
  • Recognize the current rental laws and the rules on how much you can increase rentals
  • Learn what are the right ejectment procedures
  • Distinguish good and bad potential tenants

About the Speaker:

Maves Angeles

Maves Angeles is a property developer, real estate mentor, speaker and author of the book “Real Riches in Real Estate:Learn from the inspiring story of Maves Angeles and her journey to wealth through Real Estate.

Read more about her through her website: http://www.mavesangeles.com/

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