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Journey From Employee To Employer (Part 2)

Course Description:

Everyone has the potential to become an entrepreneur. However, it will only be achieved if you have the interest in sharpening your knowledge, maximizing your skills and knowing the do’s and dont’s in a business.

Course Objectives:

Successful franchiser Jerry Ilao talks about the different characteristics of an entrepreneur, the difference between an entrepreneur and a regular employee, and the common misconceptions and fears about venturing into the franchising business. Jerry also shares some ideas on franchising a business, together with its advantages, safety tips and warning signs for scams. To finish, Jerry talks about the basics of creating a business plan for your dream business venture.

About the Speaker:

Jerry Ilao

Jerry is the current president of AFFI ( Association of Filipino Franchisers Inc. )

He founded Leapreneur which helps employees in the Philippines to take the leap and reach their goal of being entrepreneurs.

It’s flagship program is called #MentoringMonday, a weekly mentoring session where successful entrepreneurs answer the questions of the members about a particular topic of the week. It aims to guide aspiring entrepreneurs how to start and grow their business.

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