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How to Increase Your Cashflow in Subleasing Or Rental Using Other People’s Properties

Course Description:

Subleasing or renting out other people’s properties can seem to be complicated and confusing. This course will guide you how to not be intimidated with the process


Course Objectives:

  • Learn how you can earn additional income through subleasing properties.
  • Recognize the strategies that will help you enter the real estate business with lesser capital.
  • Distinguish the Pros and Cons in being a lessor and a sub lessor.
  • Obtain knowledge in Hotel Investing
  • Know how to deal with land owners as you venture in the industry of subleasing.

About the Speaker:


Nica Masilang,

Nica is a former OFW from Singapore. She went home to the Philippines to become a full time Real Estate Entrepreneur. After experiencing a recession scare while abroad and fearing for her job security, she created a property rental business so that her family in the Philippines can have an alternative source of income. She is an advocate in Real Estate investing for OFWs and Breadwinners so that they can earn passive income to support their families in the Philippines. This year, she became a Licensed Real Estate Broker and in just 2 months, a Licensed Real Estate Appraiser. At present, Nica is focused in her new venture with fellow Real Estate mentors, a hotel and apartment project in Makati Avenue area.

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