Family Finance

Course Descriptions:

Every family has the responsibility to provide security and promote family well-being. This responsibility of handling and managing finances lies between husband and wife. Communication and Trust are essential for couples to be successful in family financial management.

Course Objectives:

  • Learn proper family financial planning.
  • Create a visible planning/ budgeting process.
  • Know your priorities.
  • Develop values in your family.

About the Speaker:

Jayson Lo

Jayson has done over 2,000 talks in over a decade of public speaking.  He is the best-selling author of the book “YOUnique: Understanding Others by Understanding YOU” and “YOUnique Youth”.

He has conducted talks for various people from all walks of life and had numerous speaking engagements in different company events, business conferences, corporate training, sales rallies, schools, and non-profit organizations. Jayson’s primary aim is to promote positive life change.

Jayson’s fun and engaging workshops span a wide variety of subjects, ranging from personality development, finance, leadership to sales. His presentations are deemed to be the best of the best – from his experiences as an entrepreneur, extensive research, and study on the subject presented.

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