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Investing In The Stock Market

Course Description: All of us are always looking for ways to make money for various reasons. In this course you will be informed on how easy and safe it is to invest in the stock market and how to know some fundamentals in financing. About the Speaker: Aya Laraya MBA

Kumusta na KaTGFI personal finance, insurance, Investment Planning Session

About the Speakers:   Floi Wycoco Floi has more than five years’ worth of sales experience in telecommunication companies such as M1 Limited in Singapore, Sun Cellular and Globe Telecom before he founded The Global Filipino Investors. He was previously with PhilamLife as a unit manager. He is now a Licensed Financial Adviser and an […]

Technical Analysis

Course Description: This course will introduce the basic concepts technical analysis. It will give informative study on market trends and timing. Price graphs will be shown in interpreting movements in supply and demand, support and resistance. It will also explain terminologies like breakouts and pullbacks. About the Speaker: Marc Mancilla

Fundamental Analysis

Course Description: This course will tackle ideas and beliefs used in the process of Fundamental Analysis. It will explore on economic status, product prospects, management, and growth potential of a certain company. About the Speaker: April Lee Tan

Trading Strategies

Course Description: Trading is the discipline of utilizing market timing to determine entrance and exit strategies. This course will provide information about the stock market, trading stocks, and smart investing strategies. This will also give understanding for other kinds of trading assets like forex. About the Speaker: Juanis Barredo Juan “Juanis” G. Barredo, 47, Filipino, […]

Make Money in the Stock Market

Course Description: The stock market can be confusing and nerve-wracking at times. Most misconceptions about the stock market start with lack of knowledge and understanding. This webinar will give you basic understanding on how the stock market works. This will serve as your intro-guide as you embark on your stock market journey. Course Objectives: Learn […]

Diversified Investing and How to Create Sources of Passive Income

Course Description One of the best risk management techniques is “Diversification”. It is the process of allocating your capital in wide variety of investments within a portfolio. This webinar will show you how diversification works and how it helps anxious investors understand its importance. Course Objectives Know how to plan your financial goals. Learn the […]

Get Rich, Retire Rich with Mutual Funds & UITF

Course Descriptions:   Course Objectives: Introduction to Mutual Funds Learn diversification through mutual funds Explore the strategies in mutual funds About the Speaker: Joseph Brian Noynay, CIS REB REA CSR Jb Noynay is a former Senior Fund Accountant of JP Morgan Chase Bank. He graduated cum laude in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from […]