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Stress Management

Course Description: Financial problems can lead to stress that can also lead to depression. People who cannot handle it well    will resort to suicide. Determining the cause and solution can help you avoid this tragedies. Asking for professional help is sometimes is at times also needed. Course Objectives: Identify symptoms of stress and depression Know […]

Tax in Business and Investments

Course Description: Learning about the tax system for business and investment can be puzzling at times mind blowing. This video will help you understand taxation in a simple way and how tax is an indication of success. About the Speaker: Susan Bigay CPA, CMA Ms. Susan is a professor in accounting tax and finance at […]

5 steps in Growing your Money

Course Description: This course will discuss 5 simple processes that can help increase grow your money. We will also learn different money management mistakes that we typically do. This webinar will help us build harmonious relationship with our money. About the Speaker: Floi Wycoco