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The Business Of Soap Making

Course Description: This webinar will give you an overview of the natural soap making process and how to make it profitable and marketable. It will also show you the benefits of goat’s milk. Course Objectives: • Learn the different methods of soap making. • Know what is required to start the business (capital, materials,  ingredients […]

The Winners Gameplan

Course Description: This course will guide you in choosing stocks with durable competitive advantage and entering them using “Technical Bounce Analysis”. About the Speaker: Mario Jordan Fetalino III

The Great Equalizers For SMEs

Course Description: There are different equalizers for small and medium enterprises. The greatest one is the internet, wherein you can serve and talk to customers daily and directly, spread real time information and measure your success in an instant. In this course you will learn how to sell your business properly and effectively. About the […]
journey-from-employee-to-employer-landscape part 3

Journey From Employee To Employer (Part 2)

Course Description: Everyone has the potential to become an entrepreneur. However, it will only be achieved if you have the interest in sharpening your knowledge, maximizing your skills and knowing the do’s and dont’s in a business. Course Objectives: Successful franchiser Jerry Ilao talks about the different characteristics of an entrepreneur, the difference between an […]

Money Management

Course Description: Managing your money can be a bit intimidating and at times frustrating. This course will help you be equipped with the knowledge in managing your finances. Course Objectives: Learn proper money management Identify the problems that causes mismanagement of your finances. Recognize the step by step guide of correctly handling your money.

Solar Panel

Course Description There are many income opportunities in the country, and agri business is one of them. In this course, discover the potential of growing your money through agri businesses.   Course objectives:   Learn how to build your own simple and affordable aquaponics system for raising aquatic animals and cultivating plants in water Create […]

How to Use MAKE UP to Increase Your CONFIDENCE at WORK

Course Description: Feel beautiful inside and out. This course can boost your confidence through properly knowing how to use makeup. Course Objectives: Discover if your passion Learn basic makeup Know what’s best for your feature. About the Speaker: Kate Moscardon RN Kate is a registered nurse but found her passion in making people feel beautiful […]

How to Start Your Laundry Franchise

Caloy Ang of Suds Laundry Services discusses the potential of laundry as a business, it current status in the industry, and how to start. He emphasizes the good & bad side of this business and the sure way of how to get by with them.

Have an Edge While Working Abroad

Jonathan Yabut shares his journey to his success in the Apprentice Asia from behind the cameras. He shares with us some ways on how to have an edge as an employee working abroad.

Successful Pinoy Start Ups

About the Speakers:   Aisa Mijeno Aisa Mijeno is the renowned Filipina entrepreneur who was interviewed by US President Barack Obama and Alibaba.com CEO Jack Ma during the 2015 APEC CEO Forum. Aisa and her brother Raphael invented a lighting system that does not require electricity, batteries or fuel. All it needs to provide light […]