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Raising Free Range Chickens in the Philippines

Course Description: This webinar will give you an overview about the most efficient way to raise free-range chickens, how to profitable it is a business, how you can scale it and how it can ultimately add value to your farm. Course Objectives: – Identify the different breeds suitable for free range chicken business – Know […]

Mushroom to Millions: Guide to the Booming Mushroom Industry

Course Description: Studies show that Mushrooms are really good for the health. Most of our mushrooms here in the Philippines are being imported from other countries so the demand of mushroom businesses is increasing. This could be the business venture that will suite you. Course Objectives: Know how to start a mushroom farm Learn how […]

Learn the Business of Raising Native Chicken and Native Pigs

Course Description: Livestock is a very popular business here in the Philippines. Our tropical climate and rich agriculture helps with the success of livestock farms. Native Chickens and Pigs are the most common and profitable.   Course Objectives: Different breeds of native chicken and pigs, which ones are ideal for business and where can they […]

How to Start a Profitable Goat Farming Business

Course Description: Goats farming business is very popular among Filipinos because they require low capital investment, fit the small hold farm condition, and multiply fast. Culturally, goats are integral to every special occasion such as birthdays, baptisms, weddings, and fiestas. Hence, they command a higher price compared with other meats in the market. Goats require […]

Digital Agriculture: The Modern Day Agripreneur

About the Speaker: Ruel Amparo Ruel is an Industrial Engineer from UP Diliman. He has worked with different companies in management consulting and oil and gas industry including Boston Consulting Group, Shell and Petron Corporation. He has successfully led several socio civic project initiatives in the past, including a malnutrition reduction program in the poorest […]
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The Business of Aquaculture: A Guide to Cultivating Fish Farms

Aquaculture, is the farming of both freshwater, saltwater fishes and other aquatic organisms. They are mostly cultivated in controlled conditions. In this webinar you will learn different methods, materials needed and the complete process of Aquaculture or Aquafarming. Course Objectives  1. Learn how to start aquaculture business. 2. Explore the different methods of Aquafarming. 3. […]

Create Your Own Aquaponics at Home – Tutorial

Course Description Aquaponics is a system for farming both plants and fish in a mutually beneficial cycle. In this course, learn how to create sustainable living through your own small-scale aquaponics system at home. Course Objectives: Learn the practical uses of a home aquaponics system Understand how sustainable farming works About the Speaker: Engr. Martin […]